Server Rules

1) No hacking or macros

Clients, resource packs, macros and programs which give you an unfair advantage by modifying your gaming experience are not permitted.

2) No advertising

Sending a link or reference in chat which relates to another server or websites unrelated to OblivionPvP may result in a punishment.
Spamming a link on purpose will result in an instant permanent mute, skipping the 1st offense.

3) No spamming

Spamming the chat excessively with the same thing over and over again is classified as spam. This includes letters, numbers, symbols and messages.

4) Don't swear

Bypassing the swear filter is strictly prohibited. Please refrain from doing it.

5) Abuse of glitches or exploits

Abusing a glitch or exploit to provide yourself or others an advantage results in immediate punishment. Please report glitches/exploits immediately. You may well be rewarded!

6) Show respect towards players & staff members

Please respect all players and staff on the server. Everyone is here to enjoy themseleves.

7) Racism, discrimination, sexual & derogatory remarks

Any of the above are not permitted here. We do not want players to feel unwelcome on the server.

8) No inappropriate IGNs

Names that contain inappropriate words that are normally filtered or classed as "rude" in rule 7 are not permitted in an IGN.

9) Griefing claims of other users

Deliberately irritating or harassing players in or around claims is not permitted. The offenses below are what could be classed as griefing:

• Making a claim within 30* blocks of another user's claim, and then using this to place any Minecraft item or material which could cause annoyance.
• In the event a player uses claim blocks to prevent another user from expanding their claim, the user in question is at risk of having their claim disbanded. You should aim to have your claim 30* blocks away from other claims to allow for any expansions.
• Setting home in claims/on the border of claims to repeatedly harass other users could also be classed as griefing.
• Griefing does NOT include players walking around/inside a claim without any intent of purposeful damage or annoyance.
• Use common sense. You can have beef, but we don't want to get involved. Keep it between the gangs.
*30 blocks is merely an arbitrary value. Staff members will have full discretion to ensure a fair judgement is provided for each case.

10) Using Nether Portals as a form of teleportation into claims

Use of Nether Portals to access other claims is permitted providing the user in question has no intent to cause any form of harm/harassment.

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