18th April 2020: New Features, Economy Improvements & Bug Fixes

Version: 1.1.0

Hi folks. Before heading into this week’s release, we wanted to thank you for the feedback you’ve all given us to improve the server. We’ve considered all the feedback we can, and placed these modifications and bug fixes into the server.

Please find below a detailed explanation of all recent changes!

19 New Duel Arenas

We’ve seen an increase in the use of Duels over the past few days, hence we decided to implement 19 new Duel arenas to battle in! This will work well with our patch for Knockback (detailed later in changelog).

Stacked Mobs

Since the server has now been released for a week, all players are gradually gaining more spawners, whether they be through the spawner shop, or simply by using silk touch. Hence, we decided to introduce stacked mobs which should improve frame-rate lag for those with vast spawner collection!

Trading (/trade)

To support trading items on the server, we’ve added a trading system which supports the use of money during trades. This can also be used to gift items (i.e. give other players items for free). Use /trade help for additional information!

Token Crates

We received feedback from players claiming there weren’t enough ways to receive tokens. We’ve decided to counter this issue by adding token crates which will now spawn in front of players whilst mining. Upon opening, you’ll have the chance to receive between 5 and 50 tokens!

Gang Fights

If you’re looking to fight another gang, look no further. Gangs can now go to war in our Street Arena providing a minimum of two players from each gang head into battle and they bring their own inventory items. (Note: this is not the same as duels where you are provided with a kit. You enter the fight with your inventory items and will lose these items if you die). In addition to this, you can place a bet of up to $500,000. The winning gang takes away any loot and any money which has been bet!

Envoys (/envoy)

Every two hours, loot chests will spawn in /warp pvp. These chests contain a multitude of items, including all ranks, crate keys and other webstore perks. Depending on player feedback, we may decrease/increase the wait time for Envoys.

Global Sell Multipliers (/shop)

If you’re looking to boost your balance, you can now take advantage of money multipliers gems which are now available on our webstore - These last for either 30 minutes or one hour depending on the gem chosen!

Voting Wizard (

To make it easier for everyone to vote for the server, we’ve introduced a voting wizard. This automatically cycles through each of the voting pages, saving you from having to open five new tabs!

Bug Fixes & Improvements

Knockback Fix

After version 1.9, Mojang changed the way Knockback was handled. This has caused a lot of problems with the way newer servers handle Knockback. We’ve implemented a fix for this, but since it is a new patch, we will require feedback on how else we can change it.

Improved Oblivion Pickaxe (

The Oblivion Pickaxe on the webstore has now been updated with the following enchants: Efficiency 5, Unbreaking 10, Fortune 5. Having tested the fortune, we can confirm it is very OP!

/fix for Omega

As previously advertised on the Buycraft, Omega rank players now have access to /fix hand once every 24 hours.

Fix Hand sign at /spawn

We’ve now added a fix hand sign at /spawn behind the Shop NPC. Walk forward from spawn and head right! The price has been set to $15,000.

Economy Improvements

After careful consideration, we’ve made significant changes to the economy. This includes Ore Prices, Farming, and the buy prices of Spawners. As always, we’d love to hear your feedback on this!

Crate Key Improvements

Sponge was removed from ALL crate keys. Quite frankly, we’re not sure why this was added ourselves!

Thank you all for playing OblivionPvP Survival. Please keep sending in your feedback. It will help us make the server better!

Operator Team

13th April 2020: Bug Fixes & Improvements

Version: 1.0.1

Before heading into all the changes we’ve made since launch day, we wanted to thank you all for all the support. We’ve managed to maintain a persistent player-count and have received plenty of feedback which will be considered for future Survival iterations!

Anyway, without further ado, please see below for a detailed explanation of all recent changes!

Clue Scroll Loot Bag Adjustments

Obviously clue scrolls take a fair amount of time to complete - particularly Epic and Legendary. We noticed that players weren’t necessarily being rewarded for their work, so we took the decision to include better loot, and increase the chances of receiving that loot. We’re closely monitoring this too, so you might see things changing overtime.

Added Breeding Quests

We’ve added a new Breeding Quests for Cows, Sheep, Pigs and Chickens to our achievements system. Use /achievements and select “Animals Bred” to check it out! We will continue to add more achievements over the coming days, any suggestions are welcome.

Fixed Voting Quests

A few players informed us about issues with the voting quest within /achievements. This too has been fixed. You will now be rewarded for each vote.

New Diamond Duel Kit

We decided to add a new Duel Kit to our dueling system. This can be used in the same way the others were.

Absorption Hearts After Duel

A few players brought to our attention that absorption hearts remained in the winner’s health bar once a duel had been completed. This has now been fixed - all effects are now removed once the winner of the duel has been confirmed.

Enchantment Table Delivering Incorrect Enchants

Numerous players informed us that when enchanting an item, it would give another enchant which differed to the one specified on the enchant table. This has now been fixed!

Ability To Open Doors/Trap Doors/Use Buttons In Claims

A small bug where players could use buttons and open doors/trap doors in claims was brought to our attention. This bug has now been mitigated.

Additions And Modifications To /shop

Since launch, we’ve monitored the economy closely. We took the decision to reduce the selling price of ores, but to compensate for this, we will be upping the sell price of mob-drops (currently in the works!) Other changes to the economy include the ability to sell Quartz Blocks, Leather and the option to now buy Snow blocks!

Donator Perks

Omega Rank now by default has Purple coloured chat, but can also write in any other colour using Minecraft colour codes should they wish. In addition to this perk, all donors now have access to /disposal anywhere on the server.

11th April 2020: Server Release!

Version: 1.0.0

It’s finally here. OblivionPvP has opened its doors to the public!
After months of hard work, we hope we have created a server which has features for all!

Please find below a list of features available at launch!

Custom World Generator (/wild)

- Use /wild to be randomly teleported into our unique landscape. Explore a range of new biomes, custom buildings and modified ore veins! Dig down to level 0 for another surprise…

Land Claiming (/claimhelp)

- Protect your valuable items by using /kit claim and following instructions provided by /claimhelp. Upon joining the server for the first time, you shall have 100 claim blocks. You will gain 40 more per hour, with a maximum of 900 (30 x 30). If you require more, consider a donator rank!

Gangs (/gang)

- A concept allowing players to form groups with up to … players, forming alliances with other gangs and levelling up to gain rewards, e.g. more set homes, tokens and mcMMO credits!

Achievements (/ach)

- Whilst playing the server, you shall regularly receive rewards based upon the actions you complete. These will aid your gameplay, e.g. receiving money, tokens and crate keys.

Daily Bonus

- Have the opportunity to receive different daily rewards every time you log in! Visit the Chest citizen at spawn and claim your reward. Ensure you do this everyday to maintain your streak!

Token Shop (/tshop)

- An alternative currency allowing player access to different items and perks not readily available with the default server currency, e.g. enchanted books, chat tags, clue scrolls and spawners (with more to come soon…)

Clue Scrolls (/scrolls)

- After completing select tasks (clues), you have the opportunity to receive various tiers of loot to support your gameplay. To purchase these, you must have a sufficient amount of XP Levels and Tokens.


- Spawners are an essential part of generating income. They can be obtained through Mystery Spawners, the spawner shop (/shop) and by silk touching spawners (available to Hero Rank and above)

Duels (/duel)

- Request to battle it out with another player in one our arenas… Select from our available kits.

Shop GUI (/shop)

- Tired of using /warp shop and waiting five seconds? No more. Easily access the server shop with /shop wherever you are on the server… and /sell hand|all available to Hero and Wizard upwards respectively.

Coinflip (/coinflip)

- If you’re seeking to satisfy your gambling addiction, look no further. Use /coinflip to have a 50% of winning your opponent’s listing bet.

AuctionHouse (/ah)

- Sell your items to the entire server with ease. Use /ah <sell> <listing price>. The item shall then be listed!

mcMMO (/mcstats)

- Supplement your experience by gaining different abilities as you play. Side note: unarmed is COMPLETELY disabled!

mcMMO Credits (/redeem)

- Throughout completing server challenges, you will have the chance to receive mcMMO credits! These can be redeemed onto specific mcMMO skills e.g. swords and mining.

Crates (/warp crates)

- Open a selection of crates to receive game-changing loot! Remember to use /vote to gain vote keys and other keys…

Leaderboards (/warp leaderboard)

- Teleport to this warp to view the top players on the server!


- Every time the server reaches a set number of votes (check scoreboard!), all players will receive a Vote Party Loot Bag! In this bag, there is chance of gaining other crates and useful perks!

Donator Perks

Chat Tags (/tags)

- Add a coloured and unique suffix to your display name to show-off to other players.

PlayerVaults (/pv)

- Receive portable storage when purchasing a rank.

Claim Flags (/flags)

- Adapt your claim to your liking with specific flags (e.g. fly and allowing PvP!)

Display Item ([item])

- Show off your item to the chat with this function.

Jelly Legs (/jellylegs)

- Escape the pain of fall damage with this perk!

Particle Trails (/trails)

- Select from a variety of particles which will follow you around as you move throughout the server.

Emotes (/emotes)

- Express your feelings with this perk!

Miniature Pets (/pet)

- Choose a pet to accompany you on your travels throughout OblivionPvP.

Hope to see you all on the network!

Operator Team

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